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King of Thorn Movie (BD) Subtitle Indonesia

                     Halo Semua, Ketemu Lagi Di Japan Waarudo, Blog yang Akan Membahas Bermacam Hal yang Berhubungan Dengan Negeri Sakura Japanesse Mulai Dari (Anime,Music, Info Berita Dsb)…Semoga Bermanfaat Untuk Kalian yang Minat Sama Japan…

                     Ok, Kali Ini Saya Akan NgeShare Kepada Kalian Anime Saat ini Yaitu King of Thorn Movie (BD) Sub Indo, Semoga Akan Bermanfaat Buat Kalian…

Judul         : King of Thorn Movie (BD)
Episode     : 1 ( END) Sub Indo
Gendre      : action, horror, mystery, psychological, science fiction, thriller

Tahun Release  : 2010

Sinopsis   : Medusa Virus, a sickness that turns its victims to stone, begins to ravage the people of Earth. In a desperate attempt to save humanity’s future, a select group are chosen for the only cure: cryogenic sleep for many years into the future. The groups are chosen and put to sleep, only to wake up early to a nightmare: freakish creatures are destroying the cryo facility that the chosen survivors have awoken in. 

Ok, Anda Bisa Men-Downloadnya Disini :
[Diazsubs] Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn) BD Subtitle Indonesia == BD480p | BD720p

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